Adwords and PPC

gainOne of the most effective ways to advertise is the paid search and banner advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other networks. Each of those networks consist of two ways to advertise; paid search where your adverts appear for related keywords that are being searched and banner advertising where your banners will appear on the related websites through partners. Both of these ways can be effective with correct optimising but may require considerable funds to increase your sales. This advertising method works by creating advert text (or banners for media advertising) and selecting your main keywords where you want your banner to appear.

The search advertising works on a bid-based system where the top bidders appear further up the results. Each click will cost you your bid amounts which will go up to your spend limits at which point the campaign will pause. The cost per click varies depending on the popularity of the keyword so it is vital to select correct combinations to keep the costs down.

The pay-per-click advertising methods create highly motivated traffic looking for your service but you still need a perfect selling page to ensure that they do enquire about your products. We can design an optimised landing page for your potential clients to increase the amount of enquiries that you get from the advert clicks. The importance of landing pages is clear as it is the first impression of your services and can be the main thing to make a visitor enquire.

At AltaOnix we can guide you in creating effective campaigns with maximum conversions from the clicks generated by the adverts. We can optimise the advert content and keywords to suit best the advertising of your products. Get in touch with us today to learn more.