Full SEO Service at AltaOnix

At AltaOnix SEO Agency we offer a complete SEO or Internet Marketing service that includes all aspects of website optimisation. We are proud to provide our bespoke solutions to our clients. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Search Engine Guidance and real-time monitoring of search algorithms

marketingThe best search engines have strong teams with huge resources working incessantly towards making search results most useful to their users. We make them our allies by carefully monitoring the changes of their search algorithms and reacting promptly to keep your website to be most useful and thus stay on top in search engine rankings. Our team is capable of making sure that you are on the first page for your main keywords and gain large amount of highly motivated traffic.

Competitor Analysis

We look at the competitors of the website we are creating or improving and analyse the strategies they are using to reach the results. This allows us to work out tailored methods for each of our clients that take them to the top of search. Each and every client is a unique and special case, therefore we make sure to analyse all aspects of the website. This allows our clients to always stay ahead of their competitors.

Advanced Keyword Research for improving content

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an algorithm allowing a search engine to relate different keywords by their meaning, thus distinguishing between windows the operating system and shop windows. By properly distributing the related keywords we help the search engine using LSI to recognise the higher relevance of your website for the right search. Making sure that content is clear, professional and very passionate you can attain great results by using optimised content. At our SEO agency we make sure to use trained copywriters that are aware of all the nuances of writing optimised content. If the client wants to supply content for the website we can provide additional training to ensure that the best content is written.

Backlink Study

We analyse the backlinks to your website and to your competitors in order to provide you with a backlink strategy that will bring you a stronger link profile to ensure first page results. We then tailor our backlink programme accordingly for your website. We can provide a service to create on theme links from reputable websites with perfect anchor text. At AltaOnix our strategy cooperates with Google’s guidelines for good links and we take great care for looking to reduce the effects of updates such as Panda or Penguin. If you are unsure about your link profile give us a call today and we will be happy to assist you!

Social Media and Outreach

Our Social Media optimisation is capable of bringing traffic from your social profiles to your website. Common social websites such as Facebook or Twitter also give a number of backlinks to your website. We have noticed that there is a correlation between the amount of social activity and ranking of the website. This means it is a ranking factor for your website and our team at AltaOnix is capable of making sure that your social strategy will bring you more clients.