Social Media

With the ever-increasing popularity of the social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, it has become popular to promote your business using the platforms. Depending on your products it may be very effective to promote your services and products via social media. If you want to hear what we can suggest for you please get in touch.

We split social media advertising into two categories:

  • Organic advertising via posts in popular channels or for subscribers
  • Paid advertising using the social platforms

Promoting your products via creating posts that will potentially attract customers has its own advantages. This method increases the awareness about your services and is most effective with large audiences. We can suggest ways to increase the target audiences through various effective ways.

social-web-imageWith a larger audience the organic methods can lead to new clients and help to retain past clients too. The reputation and the customer experience factor play an important role in getting high rewards from this type of advertising. The customers that have enjoyed the convenience of the service your business provides will recommend your products to others.

Social media posts can be a good way to express how good your services or products are and lead to new business created that way. Offers using a similar idea can be just as effective.

Paid advertising on the social platforms can involve promoting posts from your timelines or create separate adverts to be inserted in the website for those that can be interested. This works a little like very familiar media advertising from the giant networks like Google Ads.

At AltaOnix we can consult you on the methods and the strategy to use when approaching social media optimisation. Get in contact with us to discuss your options.