User Experience optimisation

Most websites receive a number of views but do not get any enquiries, but there are only a handful of reasons for that. One of the major reasons, however a simple one, is that the potential client cannot find a way to get in touch easily or because it takes too long to enquire. In order to make more clients buy the products you need to increase how usable and attractive the website is.

Optimising the experience for website visitors consists mainly of these five points:

  • Making the website easier to navigate, more clear at explaining what your business does or sell.
  • How easy it is to find the information or product a potential client will want.
  • Looking at the way the information is presented to the visitor and how well it can keep the attention to the page.
  • How easy it is to buy or enquire for the user.
  • Trust factors and security are also very important.

At AltaOnix we look at your website from another point of view which is more like the view of a potential customer. We use our creativity combined with experience on creating highly-user-friendly websites. We can change the way the website is laid out to improve the user experience. During the process of optimising we communicate with our clients to keep the design very recognisable and suited to the business. Improved layouts also positively affect search engine ranking positions.

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