E-commerce Application

mobileA marked feature of the growing world of today’s digital market is an ever-increasing popularity of using mobile phone applications to buy products. If you have a business that has a large range of products sold online, then your business can benefit from creating mobile phone applications to sell your products.

At AltaOnix we can design and develop your mobile application store for you. We offer our customers a chance to enter the mobile phone market and create an application that will suit them. Our flexible design allows for easy data manipulation and we can attach the back-end to your product databases.

During the development cycle, we extensively talk to our customers to confirm minor details and report on the progress that is being made. Our steps of developing an app are:

  • Conceptual decision
    Decide on the kind of store you need
  • Feature set
    Additional features like new, reviews, etc.
  • The layout
    The user interface or how the app will look
  • Data storage
    Deciding on the ways to store the data, local or remote
  • Checkout options
    The payment options for the application
  • Development timeline
    We provide incremental builds for our web shops, for you to see the progress of the development and implement any last minute changes
  • Launch of the app
    Submitting to the app stores for iTunes and Google Play
  • Maintenance and Monitoring
    We offer maintenance and monitoring as one of our support extras after a successful release

If you are interested in creating an application for your business, get in touch with us and we will discuss the options that you have.