Geotargeted websites

uk-mapAt AltaOnix we specialise in developing and building geotargeted pages. Using your design and our knowhow, it is possible to create a website capable of targeting your service at the whole area that you cover. Geotargeting helps your website to rank highly in local searches for your keywords. If you are after increased traffic from local searches then we can build a geotargeted website for your business.

Geotargeted custom CMS

Geotargeted websites use a custom CMS that we developed to work with our software. Normally, even for large datasets the performance of our CMS is much higher than the performance of the most popular CMS systems, such as like WordPress. Each of the geotargeted websites that we create is specifically tailored for our client and the potential customers that will be looking for the services. The pages created with our system can be integrated to use your website template and look like regular pages in your CMS.

In our experience with these websites, they have been successful at increasing the amount of visitors and enquiries by over 500%. We believe the success of these websites comes from careful planning and attention to detail to create the most natural looking website with content that ranks very well in the modern search engines. We offer this package to our SEO clients to help them increase the traffic to their website.