HTML websites

html-site-exampleAltaOnix observes a large demand in simple websites for start-ups and individuals. The basic HTML website is a good place to start learning about the web and the internet. We develop the websites to be very simple to edit and use by our customers even without any specialist tools. On top of this, if you require, we can provide a short training session about modifying and editing your website.

This type of designs uses a simple format and can be hosted on any server. For such websites we point out to our clients that the larger the site the harder it is to modify.

While being a good place to start, simple websites have limited capacity for expansion, and we offer an easy-to-use system to create and edit your pages.

Easier to manage with CMS

At a low additional cost you can have a miniature CMS to create and edit pages on your website. We recommend using this system to simplify making changes to your website by using a very simple online editor.

We can also create beautiful banner website for your business to serve as a landing page or simple event information. Our web forms perform very well with these types of websites.

If you require hosting, we can help you with choosing the correct provider for your business. We have experience of working with many hosting providers and can suggest the perfect hosting provider for your website. However simple this design is we recommend using WordPress CMS for your website.