Responsive Design

responsive-website-design-imageOne of the most popular and high performing designs is a responsive website design. This type of website is a one-fits-all solution where the website layout changes depending on the website size. The way the design works is by changing sizes and positions of elements seamlessly when the window size changes. This allows the website to look inviting and professional no matter what device is used to view the website. These layouts work well on all devices ranging from big screens on laptops to small mobile phone screens.

Responsive website design is the modern solution for any website. You may also be interested in designs created specifically for mobile phones.

Responsive design for all types of websites

At AltaOnix we create responsive websites both for CMS systems and flat HTML. We can also take a design of our clients and adapt it to add the elements and features they need. We have experience in fixing old responsive designs or adding responsiveness to yours. Our design agency can create a responsive design from your supplied template.

It is our job as a website design agency to create websites meeting the design specification of our clients while retaining the website functionality and ease of use. We are always happy to advise our customers if we think some changes are going to improve their website and increase the number of potential clients.