About AltaOnix

workplaceAltaOnix is a small design and development agency located in Wimbledon in London, UK. We specialise in creating websites and promoting them via search engine optimisation. In our company consists of like-minded individuals, which allowed them to inprove their performance right from the start. Since then we have grown and taken on new aspects in website design and web marketing using modern approaches to design and development. Our expansion allowed us to take on a role of application developers for Android and iOS. We only apply the best and proven practices to our clients’ websites to ensure their success. We always work to highest standards for each of our clients.

Creative design delivered to schedule

Our main goals are to ensure the satisfaction of every client and to give everyone a website they can easily use and adapt to their needs. At AltaOnix we believe that website design and search engine optimisation have to be transparent and understandable to our clients. We like to communicate with our clients to include all design changes and get the websites ready as fast as possible. We are capable of working to deadlines to ensure our clients always meet their targets and succeed in their events.

Our coverage includes a wide range of clients

AltaOnix has experience working with a very wide range of clients in almost all fields, and from individuals and start-ups to large organisations with hundreds of employees. Since AltaOnix is based in London, we have more experience with clients from the United Kingdom; however, we worked with clients from Europe and the USA as well. We mostly target the English-speaking markets, but we also worked with non-English-language clients, too. While offering great support to our clients on a monthly basis we do take on short term contracts for design, updates and new element implementations.

Clients can track progress of work on their websites

workplace-imgThe way we work with our clients makes it easy for them to track the progress of their work. We also briefly explain what we do so that the client is informed of the changes and is sure that they are beneficial. If we think that there is something that can improve their website that is outside the scope of our contract agreement, we will notify them of what can be done. Our attention to detail allows us to notice and improve many little things that on the whole make a big difference.

Each client that we work with helps us to improve our understanding of methods that can be used for improving websites. This combines with the research that we perform on daily basis into rankings and changes to search algorithms and the trends in website design. We collect action and effect statistics to provide trends as to what works best. The effectiveness of specific practices changes with time, and we change our strategy according to their respective performance.

Happy customers

Many clients come to us after they have been with another agency, seeking a better communication with our experts and thus a better service. Once we created or took over a website for our client, we will continue to do the updating to ensure the compatibility and well optimised content. At the same time, we create websites that are easy to edit by the customers if they want to. Our policy is to provide the customers with ample opportunity to discuss the changes we make to their websites.

At AltaOnix we take our customer privacy seriously. We will never share any information about your business with anyone. We are grateful to our clients who may permit us to refer to our development for them as a case study, but we will your case only with your permission.