Mobile Applications

Every day millions of people use their mobile phones to browse the internet, buy products or entertainment. With the popularity of smartphones growing rapidly, it is a good time now to enter the market with an application for your business.

Mobile Application DesignThe possibilities opened by creating an application are endless. They can sell your products, act as a portal for your website, provide support for your services, or become the convincing factor in getting the service from you.

At AltaOnix we have started developing applications for our clients to make it easier for them to reach out to more customers.

Some products and services suit perfectly for creating an application, and if you are unsure you can always get in touch with us for consultation. We will describe you what is involved in creating an application successfully and what possibilities it can open up for your business.

At AltaOnix we currently develop applications for Android and iOS. Each application has to be made separately although there can be similarities to applications we made in the past speeding up design and coding time. These applications can use built-in databases or connect to a database of your products that you have on your server.

Our Application development specialises in:

  • E-commerce Apps
    Simple order and pay systems as an application that can work with your product database, or have their own easily updatable database.
  • Company Pages
    Pages with information about your company, news, events and latest offers.

If you are interested in any of our mobile application development services give us a call or email to enquire on enquiries@altaonix.co.uk.