Website Design

Website DesignWebsites are a great way to promote your products and services, or share your thought, ideas and experiences. Every business needs a website to remain competitive in the modern digital world.

AltaOnix provides a broad range of design services for all types of clients across many different sectors. We also design and develop websites for individuals looking to enter a business or share their thoughts.

Designing for our customers

At AltaOnix we offer professional web design services to all our clients no matter what sector they are in. Our design services are optimal for all types of clients ranging from individuals, small start-ups to worldwide corporations.

Our design solutions range from one-page brochure websites to large content management systems. We have experience working with custom CMS systems built specifically for the client.

We strongly believe that websites of our clients can become the strongest sales and marketing tools for selling their services. For this reason we take great care to create the most beautiful and user-friendly websites possible.

Designing for users

With every website that we make, we take time to study what our client wants, and what the customers of our client will want and expect from the website. We look at the current market leaders in your area for additional suggestions to create an unmatched experience. Each website is tailored for visitors to ensure the longest stay on the website and the highest chance of making an enquiry.

The website we build are all tailored to your individual requirements. We care for each and every one of our clients and provide them with the best possible solutions.

In order to make it easier for our clients to find what they need, we split our web design services into these sections:

  • Responsive Design
    Single website templates to suit all devices
  • Pure mobile websites
    These websites are designed specifically for the mobile phones to give faster load times and better optimisation
  • Web forms
    Creating attractive easy-to-use contact or order forms is key to getting more sales
  • WordPress CMS
    The most popular content management system and one of the easiest to use. We can create a beautiful and easy-to-manage website using this platform
  • Geotargeting
    Geotargeting is used to target all the areas that you cover with your products and services. Using a range of keywords it is possible to create a naturally looking website to rank well for local search
  • Email Templates
    Creating beautiful emails can be part of a huge success in your email marketing campaigns. We cover all types of email templates

Website Rescue

We can rescue your website and correct any design errors for you.